What is dovetail

Dovetail is a private investment firm headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. The firm was created to bring the investing, operating and transaction experience honed while working with large high-growth companies, to small businesses with similar growth potential. We believe this experience can meaningfully influence the growth trajectory of small businesses which provides great opportunity for advancement of existing employees and exceptional investment returns for investors.

Dovetail focuses its investment efforts on profitable companies with $5-25 million in annual revenue, who are seeking full or partial liquidity, and have operations and managers that can benefit from our expertise/involvement.

Why Dovetail

Dovetail joinery, which predates written history, is noted for its resistance to being pulled apart. The dovetail joint gets its strength from the way the “tails” and the “pins” are shaped. Once interlocked, they are virtually impossible to separate.

At Dovetail, we seek to form similar relationships with the management teams and co-investors of our portfolio companies. We invest money in companies and our time and expertise in people – working to enhance the culture to support strategic objectives, to drive growth and to maximize value. There are no “sides” in a dovetail joint, investors and management teams are interdependent and are stronger as a result.


Bill McMaster brings over 17 years of private equity and operating experience to Dovetail, having acquired and strategically advised 30+ companies across multiple industry sectors. Bill has advised companies from the start-up phase to multi billion-dollar revenue businesses including several NYSE-listed companies. This experience has taught Bill that it’s a lot more fun to create value by growing businesses and the people executing the strategy are just as important as the strategy itself.

Bill lives in Columbus, Ohio with his wife and two children.